4x Heist

Refund Policy

Refund Policy


We are tremendously proud to say that we have never failed any challenge before. In our trading style, we respect the strict use of proper risk management and stable trading psychology, hence violating trading parameters is nearly impossible.

If the client opens, closes, or modifies any positions when we are in control of the account we immediately cease services and no refund will be generated.

However, we had a few Free Repeats* due to having a positive balance when the Trading Period was almost over (the owners submitted accounts late with a massive drawdown), so we first had to push the accounts back to a positive balance before focusing on hitting the profit target.

We do not offer cash, BTC, or any refund to clients as this is an investment, and clients are asked to confirm this risk before purchasing. Our team puts in time analyzing the market and managing the trades.

~ Your satisfaction is important to us