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We Pass All Funding Challenges

Offering one of the most requested services we had where we pass Phase 1 & 2 of your prop firm challenges from any prop firm

Super Simple & Easy Process.

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We offer the option to pass your prop firm evaluations for you we understand that many aspire to become funded traders to generate more profits but passing these tedious evaluations is not easy. So we take the stress of your shoulders for you and attempt to pass your challenge.

We attempt to pass challenges for all firms and all evaluation models, 1 step, 2 step, 3 step challenge models. We pass all challenges manually and do not use any EA’s or systems thta can breach the account.

We have 3 rules that all clients should be aware of before purchasing if this is breached we immediately cease trading on your account:
1.) Client never logs into the challenge account ( as this will show multiple IP addresses and get the account breached when they review )

2.) Do Not Open, Close, Or Modify Any Trades.

Our success rate for passing the challenges is high 98% we have assessed our score to be. We ask for no testimonials, certificates and we do not share your name with anyone if that is a concern. 100% privacy.

We Currently Only Accept Crypto, cash app or Zelle as form of payment contact or @4xheist on Instagram for more information or to purchase a plan if none of the below methods work for you.

Return On Investment

Earn Passively Without Worry Prop Firm Account Management

Prop Firm Evaluation Challenge pass

The Power Is In Your Hands Now

We understand each aspiring professional trader desire to have more capital so we have made passing these challenges affordable and completely private. So our team passing it for you is 100% private.  We have a no refund policy, but in the case we do not pass your challenge we allow you to submit another one to us at no charge we have had a few cases where challenges were given to us with 1 day left also in drawdown and we brought it back up for free reset, and we had a few that gave us the account with only few hours left to pass which of course led to failure in this case we will just your next one completely free just send us the account credentials.





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