Do You Have A Live Funded Account?

We offer account management for accounts that have more than $100,000 capital in them & only require up to 60% from your cut of the payout split from the prop firm.

Why Allow Us To Manage Your Account?

Like many traders that pass their funding challenge, they passed it by what some may say 'luck' due to you not having the time to trade, or many other things.

We Trade For You

You no longer have to stress over waking up early to trade or do your chart analysis.

Potential Monthly Growth

We aim to earn profit on the account within 30 trading days in time for payout & for account that qualify for bi-weekly payout profit will also be made in time for this.

Recurring Income

Because you are already funded and locked in with us you now can now expect a potential pay cheque every month from the prop firm.

Just Imagine For A Second.

Your on vacation or at work carrying on with your normal day duties and getting a email from us that the target % for your account has been achieved for the month and you are ready to request payout from your prop firm.

How This Process Works

We Keep The Process Stupid Simple


Pay Your One Time Management Fee

Pay your one time management fee of $2,000( non-refundable), sign contract and send us your account details for your live funded account through the customer portal.


We Trade On Your Funded Account

We Trade On Your Funded Account For You Which Must Be $5,000+ & Must Be Live Already and we aim for 1%-6% a month


Withdraw Your Profits

Withdraw Your Profits From Your Prop Firm & Send Us Our 60% From The Profit Split If Account Is Under $100k & If it Is Above Only 50% we require of profits that The Prop Firm Gives You.

Do Not Have Crypto To Pay?

Alternative Payment Option

Understanding not everyone has the ability to pay with crypto or knows how to buy it in the country they are in. If this is your case and you already know what package you want to purchase and ready to pay. Contact us by click the button below and we will find a solution for you.

Being A Funded Trader by A Prop Firm Is One Of The Most Risk-Free Investments Ever. Then Having Professional Traders Trade Your Investment For You Is What I Call A Secured-Risk Free Investment.

— Jor-Dache D.

Founder & Fundamental Analyst, 4x Heist

Professional Traders Here..

The head trader that will manage and oversee your accounts with our professional team.

JorDache D.

Fund Manager & Fundamental Analyst, 4x Heist

Mr.KillDaMarkets is widely known for his involvement with many forex communities helping members achieve the Full-Time Trader Status & Also launching 4x Prophet what helps develop Full-Time Traders.

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